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We are delighted to welcome all 246 students and parents in February! Spring has welcomed us with some breezy weather. We provided over 980 lessons in the month of January and we welcomed 19 NEW STUDENTS. We are now the second-largest school of Music in the Lucan catchment. Our PIANO & FLUTE TEACHERS are currently FULLY BOOKED. We have only limited spaces for GUITAR, VIOLIN & VOICE so if you are looking to share news about our school with your friends (Read About REFER A FRIEND program later in the NEWSLETTER). 

Considering we are now at capacity, please be mindful of the Fermata School of Music Attendance Policy. Please follow the link: https://fermatamusicschool.ie/term-dates-for-academic-year-2022-2023/Sections 10-12 would cover the Attendance Policy. We are trying our utmost to be as flexible as possible but that can only happen with your very close cooperation. We also hope you can enjoy a bit of time with MUSIC during the SPRING BREAK and if it would happen that you will be captured in some musical situation, why don’t share that with us? We have SPECIAL REWARDS for a record of a secret gigging in your bedroom or an unexpected performance at Houston Station or Grafton Street!

Remember, each played song is a practice time. And each practice time counts into the MONTHLY PRACTICE CHALLENGE – all, you have to do, is record your practice time using the Parents/Students Portal (Read About PRACTICE CHALLENGE program later in the NEWSLETTER). And if you are looking for a perfect Valentine’s GIFT, don’t forget to stop by next time you are in and have a look at the BRAND NEW Craft Stand – Pearce Teaulu. Those lovely little treats are crafted by #FermataTeam – Sharon (Read About PEARCE TEULU STAND later in the NEWSLETTER). 

For some more sophisticated gifts, we welcome you to visit our business partner – O’Briain Pianos, in case you are looking for a new great deal for acoustic piano. Our Piano Student will receive an EXTRA rebate for a chosen NEW PIANO from stock. Fermata Music Vouchers for Valentine’s are ALSO AVAILABLE (€50 or €100).

In the next paragraphs, you will learn about key dates, events, exams, and closures that are important for February. Let’s go…

RIAM Spring Exam – Digitally Recorded Exams – Booking Deadlines & Key Dates

RIAM Spring Exam Session is FAS APPROACHING, please remember to confirm your name for the next RIAM Exam with your leading teacher. Exams are not mandatory but are highly recommended as the best tool to measure progress by Recognized Examination BBodies The booking deadline for RIAM DIGITALLY RECORDED exams is by 6 February if registered with Fermata account, or by 9 February if you decide to register with RIAM directly

It is your LAST CHANCE to sit RIAM Piano Exams using the 2022 Piano Books. The school must receive a complete exam recording by 6 March 2023.  Your exam readiness should be 90-95% in terms of pieces, scales/arpeggios, and theory before attempting any recording. The last few weeks ahead of the final recording should be focused on improving overall exam performance for your final recording. If you seriously struggle with some parts of your exams, please contact our office ASAP, and we will organize an EXTRA lesson (subject to availability) during the Spring Break.

We also offer Music Theory classes on Thursdays and Fridays if you wish to catch up and improve this side of the exam. Each Music Theory Club is 45 Minutes and costs only €10! Read more about Fermata Music Clubs in the further section of this newsletter.

We wish you all the best with recording, and please feel free to approach any #FermataTeam if you have any queries or concerns about digitally recorded exams. Note that any VIOLIN exam will require ADDITIONAL ACCOMPANIMENT classes with a qualified pianist and your violin teacher. Fermata Students pay a SPECIAL RATE of €90/hour of RECORDED EXAM (Full Rate: €150/h)

BIG LAUNCH CAMPAIGN FOR FERMATA MUSIC CLUBS! Check below for endless benefits.

FERMATA MUSIC CLUBS are SEEKING FOR NEW STUDENTS to join this FEBRUARY! Music Clubs are in-house designed 10 weeks programs for children and teenagers. We focus on having good funds, but also we will work hard to improve our instrumental skills and abilities. Here is the FEBRUARY BREAKING DEAL. We offer a FREE PASS to each Fermata Student who wants to participate in any Fermata Music Clubs. This OFFER only applies to the Clubs that you are not a member of ALREADY. And, if you bring YOUR BESTIE with you, they will go FREE too! The price for each Music Club is €10 for Fermata Students or between €10-€25 for External Students. They will join countless benefits too!


INTRO TO GUITAR – TUESDAYS – 3.45, 4.45 & 5.45 PM





NEW!!! Junior & Leaving Certificate VOCAL PRACTICALS – THURSDAYS – 6.00 PM (Drop-In Clinic: €20 for 1 hour)

Each Fermata Music Club is designed in-house by Fermata educators and would require re certain amount of time committed to PRACTICE TIME and HOMEWORK routine. We expect about 5-10 minutes dacommitmentmmit for the Introductory Music Club. For each GUITAR & VIOLIN Club we work with no more than 4 studeclubsclub. Each Group is assessed against AGE and ABILITIES. SING & SHINE or LITTLE MUSIC ROOTS are taking no more than 8 students/Club. For Junior & Leaving Certificate VOCAL PRACTICALS, you can attend as many sessions as you like, but commitment should be made to no less than 2 sessions. JC/LC Vocal Practicals doesn’t have to be scheduled on consecutive weeks, how, ever booking is required as we are limiting the numberer of students in JC/LC Vocal PPracticalstto o no more than 6 per session


Fermata Music Clubs builds CONFIDENCE 

With each class, we help build children’s EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE 

By learning music, we stimulate and  IMPROVE MEMORY 

Fermata #MusicClubs help students CONNECT WITH OTHERS 

Music teaches PATIENCE and DISCIPLINE 

Each MUSIC CLUB is only €10 for any existing Fermata Student!


SHARON’s PEARCE TEULU CRAFT STAND is now available in Fermata School of Music. The Display is next to our RECEPTION DESK. Meet the cutest handmade Gifts and Cards – a perfect idea for a gift for your family or loved ones. 

PEARCE TEULU offers a variety of unique hand-painted and resin-coated necklaces, beaded bracelets with different small charms or bookmarks using alcohol ink and intricate die-cuts decorated with a handmade beaded chain. On Music-themed jewelry and cards. Small 3d framed pictures. Our selection would include Handmade Occasional cards – why don’t you snap a handmade Valentine’s Card? Please see attached photos for samples of the following items. Payment can be via Revolut (REV Barcode at Reception) or Cash at reception. Don’t forget! All the handmade crafts are meticulously designed and created by #FermataTeam – Sharon! Well done!

VALENTINES SPECIAL!!! Buy any Pearce Teulu before Valentine’s Day and we will offer FREE BOOKMARK with each purchase. In addition, 30% of income from gift sales will be donated to IRISH HEARTH FOUNDATION


Win Cinema Tickets or Coffee Works Vouchers! How to do it??? It’s so SIMPLE! To support the amazing commitment by #FermataStudents, we would like to reward those students who worked the hardest! At the end of each month, we will pick THREE STUDENTS with the highest practice times recorded in the Student/Parent Portal at the end of each month in 2023. The minimum entry criteria: 4 hours of recorder practice time in a Calendar Month (average 5-10 min a day)

At the end of 2023, we will pick a STUDENT OF A YEAR with a SURPRISE PRIZE in sight TO GRAB! 

REMEMBER: The practice time must be recorded through the Student/Parent portal. The minimum PRACTICE TIME to allow for PRIZE entry is 240 minutes of practice time over each MONTH – for students going extra MILE, we have a special treat.  

HOW TO USE MYMUSICSTAFF? There is 3 step manual available that I email to all of you, so you can check it easily. In addition, below you can see a short YouTube clip on how to record PRACTICE TIME in the Students/Parents portal in only few simple STEPS. 



Receive €25 MyMusicStaffCredit for each NEW STUDENT referred to Fermata School of Music. Here is the BIG BONUS – the new student will get a €25 welcome credit too! Very simple and not limited. To get you €25 MyMusicStaff Credit the New STUDENT MUST sign & pay for the Term of SOLO or PARTNER Lessons with one of Fermata Team educators. Please note that referral credit cannot be used against arrears and the recipient’s account must be in good standing. You can recommend as many referees as you wish. If you cancel lessons before full payment is made your credit cannot be redeemed. Referral credit cannot be redeemed in cash. The referral program only applies to SOLO or PARTNER lessons. Please ensure to notify the school as soon as you send the new student in, so we can apply your credit.  Fermata Music Clubs are excluded from this OFFER. Further T&Cs apply.

FEBRUARY CLOSURES [February Bank Holiday & Spring Break]

2023 is a year of a NEW Bank Holiday, which falls on the first Monday of February. That means there will be NO SCHEDULED LESSONS on Monday, 6 February. That date is flexible, similar to May & June Bank Holiday weekends. The school operates a REGULAR schedule on Saturday (4-Feb) & Sunday (5-Feb).

Courtesy Note: Some of the teachers may offer to work extra time with you on the bank holiday Monday, but this is not mandatory. Your teacher will approach you directly to discuss, if available on this date.

In February, we celebrate the arrival of Spring with a week’s break from regular music lessons. This allows our lovely educators to recharge their batteries and be ready for more lovely lessons as we go along 2023. For the 2023 Spring Break, the school will remain closed between the 13th and 19th of February. Similarly to the above, some of our teachers may offer to work extra time with you during Spring Break, but this is not mandatory. Your teacher will approach you directly if available on this date. 

MONDAY STUDENTS: Your next scheduled class will be on Monday, 20-February

And we reached the end of the February newsletter. Please note, should you wish to discuss any of the above in person, please feel free to contact School Manager, Tomasz for Assistance (Mob: 085 125 7503) or talk to one of the #FermataTeam members. 

FEBRUARY RECEPTION HOURS: Sunday, Monday & Tuesday (no staff on duty), Wednesday (5.00-7.00 PM), Friday (Late Hours: 6.30-8.30 PM) & Saturday (09.30 AM -11.30 AM). If you wish to meet outside of these hours, please contact School Manager to arrange an appointment for you.

We wish for many easy songs and continuous passion and commitment to learning music with #FermataTeam! 

See you all along in February!!!

Patrycja & Tomasz


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