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Music Theory Lessons Lucan

Music Theory Lessons Lucan

Music theory is the study of the practices and possibilities of music. It is derived from observation and involves hypothetical speculation about how musicians and composers make music.

Music theory is a fundamental knowledge that each student will require for becoming a musician and succeed in any music board graded exams or else in Junior or Leaving Cert exams.

This subject incorporates the rudiments of music theory with learning Notation, Key Signatures, Scales, Rhythmic Patterns, Harmony, understanding the differences in various music eras, and finally studying the general processes and music principles, very often called Musicology. 

Music Theory is a compulsory subject to every student attempting any graded music exams with Fermata School of Music Lucan.

Our team of experts in music theory are can also prepare for Junior or Leaving Certificates and Theory Exams in any recognized examination body (RIAM, ABRSM, Rock School)


Fermata Music School Lucan offers music theory lessons for students of all levels and skills. We offer preparatory courses for RIAM & ABRSM Theory Exams and grind classes for the Junior & Leaving Cert Music Exam.

The minimum age for starting music theory lessons would be the age of 7. We will guide you on what book is the best for your skills and goal. All you need is a pen and paper and some extra time in the evening to do your homework.


The music theory course’s length would depend on your goals and ability. Our learning program will aim for training provided in all aspects of music theory. We have dedicated study for beginner students or those seeking to improve the skills ahead of Music Theory exam (RIAM, ABRSM) or prepare for the writing element of your Junior or Leaving Cert Music Exam. Music Theory lessons are provided on a one to one basis and are 30, 45 or 60 minutes in duration. The length of the class would depend on age and current skills.


Book a professional assessment with a qualified music theory tutor to ensure the correct type of lessons are picked for you. We will guide you step by step to ensure you will have the best possible life experience in learning your music theory.


Music Theory with #FermataTeam: Maja Brooks

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