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Discover the harmony of top-tier Piano Lessons in Lucan at Fermata School of Music. Our experienced tutors, personalized curriculum, and engaging learning environment make us the premier choice for Piano Lessons Lucan. Whether you’re a budding pianist or pursuing advanced skills, we strike the right chord for every learner.

Immerse yourself in the world of music with Fermata School of Music and experience the myriad benefits of piano lessons. Our lessons don’t just help you master the keyboard; they also foster patience, improve cognitive and creative abilities, and build self-esteem. With our diverse range of musical programs, you can choose to learn for leisure or aim for high-level exams.

Choosing Fermata for your Piano Lessons in Lucan means joining a thriving, passionate musical community. Our Fermata Team is dedicated to your growth, offering individual attention, innovative teaching methods, and a nurturing atmosphere. We welcome students from all walks of life, from children exploring their first notes to adults discovering a new passion or honing their skills. Join us and become a part of Lucan’s symphony!


Fermata School of Music in Lucan extends a warm invitation to all aspiring pianists, regardless of age or skill level. We welcome our youngest maestros from the age of 5, and for the adults – it’s never too late to follow your melody!

Nestled in the heart of Lucan, Fermata’s dedicated and experienced piano tutors provide engaging lessons tailored to your individual musical aspirations. Whether your heart beats for the timeless elegance of classical music, the soulful rhythms of jazz, or the vibrant chords of pop and rock – we’ve got you tuned in.

Our carefully orchestrated teaching program is designed to inspire our piano students. We strive to instill a strong playing technique, deepen your understanding of musicianship, and foster effective musical communication.

Whether you’re playing for the pure joy of music or aiming for graded exams, we provide a nurturing environment for every musical journey. While examinations aren’t a prerequisite at Fermata, our adept teachers do prepare numerous students for RIAM or ABRSM exams each year. At Fermata School of Music, Lucan, every note played is a step towards your musical dreams.

You can take your lessons for FUN & ENJOYMENT or we can choose a more PROFESSIONAL approach and prepare Fermata Students for one of the following BOARD EXAMS:

RIAM |(Link)

ABRSM |(Link)


Fermata School of Music is a dedicated EXAM Centre for the Royal Irish Academy of Music.

Embracing the art of piano is a delightful journey of many years. Every accomplished pianist will attest that there are no shortcuts on the path to mastering this beautiful instrument. At Fermata School of Music, we appreciate the dedication required and accompany you every step of the way.

Our piano lessons are meticulously tailored to each individual, offered one-on-one in sessions of 30, 45, or 60 minutes. Looking to learn alongside a friend or partner? We provide cost-effective paired lessons as well. The duration is customized based on your current skills and age to ensure an optimal learning experience.

But the melody doesn’t end when the lesson does. To truly flourish as a pianist, you’ll need to weave practice into your daily routine. It all begins with a manageable commitment of just 10-15 minutes a day outside of lesson time.

With patience, practice, and the expert guidance of our #FermataTeam, you’ll soon see your piano skills bloom and your musical confidence soar. Join us for this melodious journey at Fermata School of Music, your premier destination for Piano Lessons in Lucan.

Begin your musical voyage with a professional assessment by our qualified piano teachers at Fermata School of Music, to ensure that piano lessons truly resonate with your musical aspirations. We offer a rich tapestry of over a dozen instrumental courses, promising a perfect fit for every music enthusiast.

Our commitment to your musical journey doesn’t stop at lessons. We guide you every step of the way, making sure your experience of learning an instrument is not just enriching but also a memorable life experience. Need help to choose your first digital or acoustic instrument? Seeking a comfortable piano stool or custom-tailored books? Our #FermataTeam has got you covered.

Adding a special note, our students get exclusive access to the O’Briain Pianos Showroom, where you can find a selection of exquisite acoustic pianos available at unbeatable values exclusively for our cherished students. Step into Fermata School of Music and let’s create your unique symphony together.


After becoming a Fermata School of Music student you gain instant ACCESS for students’ exclusive features:

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