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Unleash your guitar talent with #FermataTeam. The guitar is a popular musical instrument classified as a string instrument with 4 to 18 strings, usually having 6. The sound is projected either acoustically or through electrical amplification (for an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar, respectively). It is typically played by strumming or plucking the strings with the right hand while fretting (or pressing against the fret) the left hand’s strings. The guitar is traditionally constructed from wood and strung with either gut, nylon or steel strings and distinguished from other chordophones by its construction and tuning.

The classical guitar (nylon-string guitar), the steel-string acoustic guitar, and the electric guitar are three main types of modern acoustic guitar.

Electric guitars, introduced in the 1930s, use an amplifier to manipulate and shape the tone electronically. Early amplified guitars employed a hollow body, but a solid body was eventually found more suitable, as it was less prone to feedback. Electric guitars have had a continuing profound influence on popular culture.


At Fermata Music School Lucan, we offer classical guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, or bass guitar lessons for beginners or advanced players.

We offer guitar lessons for students of all ages and skill levels, starting from the age of 7. Adult learners are always welcome too!

Playing the guitar is an incredibly rewarding experience, offering a fantastic way to express yourself musically. At Fermata, our students are given opportunities to partake in Concerts, Workshops, and Recordings to further enhance their skills and gain real-world performance experience.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn basic chords or an advanced player aiming to perfect your solos, the Fermata School of Music is ready to guide you on your musical journey.

You can take your lessons for FUN & ENJOYMENT or we can choose a more PROFESSIONAL approach and prepare Fermata Students for one of the following BOARD EXAMS:

RIAM |(Link)

ABRSM |(Link)


Fermata School of Music is a dedicated EXAM Centre for the Royal Irish Academy of Music.


The path to guitar mastery is a beautiful melody that unfolds over many years. Every skilled guitarist knows there are no shortcuts to perfecting this versatile instrument. At Fermata School of Music, we offer guidance and support every step of the way.

Our one-on-one guitar lessons are offered in 30, 45, or 60-minute sessions, with the duration tailored based on your age and skill level. We also offer cost-effective paired lessons for those wishing to learn with a friend or partner.

To truly excel as a guitarist, a commitment to daily practice is key. Start with an achievable 10-15 minutes a day outside of lesson time, and watch your skills grow and your musical passion flourish.


Begin your guitar journey with a professional assessment from our experienced teachers to ensure guitar lessons are the right fit for you. We offer a wide range of instrumental courses to suit different tastes and will guide you through each step to ensure you have the best possible musical experience.

From selecting your first guitar, whether bass, electric, acoustic, or classical, to providing guidance on purchasing accessories like picks and straps, we are here to support you. Fermata students have exclusive access to a variety of top-quality guitars, helping you embark on your musical journey with confidence.


After becoming a Fermata School of Music student you gain instant ACCESS for students’ exclusive features:

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