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Fermata School of Music in Lucan opens its doors to all music lovers seeking to learn the violin and viola. These instruments, key members of the string family, are renowned for their four strings tuned in perfect fifths and distinct melodious tones.

Whether you’ve always been intrigued by the high-pitched symphony of the violin, affectionately known as a ‘fiddle,’ or you’re drawn towards the rich timbre of the viola, we have the right lessons to guide you on your musical journey.

At Fermata, our skilled violin and viola instructors bring a depth of knowledge that spans from classical baroque melodies to the dynamic beats of jazz, country, and folk music. They are adept at the nuances of various playing techniques, whether it’s drawing the bow to produce smooth, flowing melodies or plucking the strings for a crisp, energetic tune.

Our lessons are designed to suit learners of all ages and skill levels. If you’re an absolute beginner, our instructors will guide you patiently, helping you understand the basics. For the more advanced students, we offer comprehensive training that will fine-tune your technique and help elevate your performance.

Our violin and viola lessons are meticulously tailored to your individual learning pace and musical interests. So whether your passion lies in the traditional rhythms of classical music or the contemporary tunes of rock, we’ll ensure you’re strumming your way to musical proficiency in no time.

Join us at Fermata School of Music in Lucan and let the violin or viola be the instrument of your voice.


Discover the enchanting world of violin and viola at Fermata School of Music in Lucan, where we offer lessons for students across all skill levels. We warmly welcome our youngest maestros starting at the age of 6 and firmly believe that it’s never too late for adults to pick up the bow and embark on their musical journey!

Originating from Italy in the early 1600s, the violin stands as one of the most captivating and expressive musical instruments ever created. Playing the violin or viola not only resonates with enchanting music, but also brings a rewarding sense of accomplishment.

Fermata’s violin and viola students are given ample opportunities to further their musical growth and experience the joy of performing. Be it through Orchestra Workshops, special Concerts, or recording sessions, we ensure that our students gain comprehensive exposure and experience.

You can take your lessons for FUN & ENJOYMENT or we can choose a more PROFESSIONAL approach and prepare Fermata Students for one of the following BOARD EXAMS:

RIAM |(Link)

ABRSM |(Link)


Fermata School of Music is a dedicated EXAM Centre for the Royal Irish Academy of Music.

Come, join us at Fermata School of Music, Lucan, and let the stirring sounds of the violin or viola inspire your musical journey!


Diving into the world of violin is a melodious voyage that spans many years. Every seasoned violinist will confirm there are no shortcuts to mastering this enchanting instrument. At Fermata School of Music, we understand the devotion it demands and we’re here to guide you through every crescendo and decrescendo on your musical journey.

Our violin lessons are meticulously tailored to each individual, delivered one-on-one in sessions of 30, 45, or 60 minutes. Fancy learning alongside a friend or partner? We offer cost-effective dual lessons as well. The duration is customized based on your age and current skill level, ensuring an ideal learning experience.

The rhythm of learning continues even when the lesson ends. To truly excel as a violinist, integrating practice into your daily routine is crucial. Start with a manageable commitment of just 10-15 minutes a day outside of your lesson time.

With consistency, practice, and the expert guidance from our #FermataTeam, you’ll watch your violin skills unfold and your musical confidence amplify. Embark on this harmonious journey at Fermata School of Music, your premier destination for Violin Lessons in Lucan.


Begin your musical voyage with a professional assessment by our qualified piano teachers at Fermata School of Music, to ensure that violin lessons truly resonate with your musical aspirations. We offer a rich tapestry of over a dozen instrumental courses, promising a perfect fit for every music enthusiast.

Our commitment to your musical journey doesn’t stop at lessons. We guide you every step of the way, making sure your experience of learning an instrument is not just enriching but also a memorable life experience. Need help to choose your first violin? Fermata Team has got you covered.


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