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Hello to all the lovely & vibrant community members of Fermata Music School. It’s nearly mid-June!!! Wow, that means the 10th Academic month is upon us. Let’s head on to the content of the Fermata June newsletter, which we hope will be an enjoyable experience. Here is what you will find out:

Fermata Summer Recital – REMINDER TO BOOK A SLOT

Join us at the Fermata Summer Recital, an excellent opportunity for students to showcase their talents and progress. Tickets are available via Eventbrite (TICKET: €10), so grab yours and support our young musicians as they perform live. It’s a great way to see the results of our year-long programs in action and celebrate the joy of music with the Fermata community.

If you are looking for a great evening with music, we can provide a lovely time with talented Fermata Music School students and performances of the Fermata Sotto Voce with lovely repertoire such as The Beatles or Amy Winehouse.

This year, we are meeting in the centrally located Westmanstown Conference Centre on Sunday, 23 June, from 3.00 PM. There will be GROUP A (3.00 PM) and GROUP B (5.30 PM), so don’t hesitate to contact your teacher or school office to agree on the group. Especially students playing duets or trios. The site has FREE Parking, and the General Area bar will be open for Benrages and Snacks. Our performance will take in Room Cedar 1.

If you are an external spectator, we recommend attending the Group B show, but each ticket is VALID for the entire event duration.

Fermata Summer Lessons 2024

Summer is a fantastic time to continue your musical journey or even embark on a new one. At Fermata Music School, we believe that learning shouldn’t take a vacation. Whether you’re already a budding musician or looking to pick up a new hobby, our summer lessons are the perfect opportunity to stay engaged and keep the creativity flowing. Music is a fun pastime and an excellent way to enhance cognitive abilities, relieve stress, and boost overall happiness. So, why not make the most of the sunny season by learning to play an instrument or perfecting your vocal skills?

Summer Piano Lessons

Our Summer Piano Lessons are designed for kids and teenagers who want to dive into the world of keys and melodies. Our engaging and interactive lessons cover music theory, piano techniques, and fun, easy-to-play songs. With qualified instructors and a supportive learning environment, your child will thrive musically this summer.

Summer Singing Lessons

Does your child love to sing? Our Summer Singing Lessons offer the perfect platform to improve vocal abilities, learn from professional voice teachers, and have a great time singing your favourite songs. These lessons are tailored to be fun and educational, ensuring every session is enjoyable and productive.

Summer Violin Lessons

Keep the violin in tune and skills sharp with our Summer Violin Lessons. These sessions are perfect for kids and teenagers wanting to learn or improve their violin playing. Our experienced educators will guide students through various techniques and easy-to-play songs, making the learning process both effective and enjoyable.

Summer Guitar Lessons

Our Summer Guitar Lessons cover all bases for young guitar enthusiasts, from classical to electric. Students will explore different guitar-playing techniques, learn to play various styles and enjoy the process of making music. These lessons promise a comprehensive and fun guitar learning experience.

We understand the importance of maintaining a routine during the summer while allowing for relaxation and enjoyment. Our summer lessons strike the perfect balance, providing a structured yet fun environment for your child to grow musically.

The Benefits of Summer Learning

Engaging in music lessons or starting a new musical hobby during the summer has numerous benefits. Not only does it keep young minds active and engaged, but it also fosters a sense of achievement and discipline. The continuity of lessons ensures that students do not lose their progress during the school year. For beginners, summer is the ideal time to start learning without the pressure of schoolwork. It’s a chance to focus entirely on music and develop a solid foundation.


Looking for more summer activities for your kids? Check out our Fermata Camps as an exciting alternative. Our camps offer a range of engaging activities that complement our music lessons, ensuring a well-rounded and fun summer experience for your children. Summer lessons and camps at Fermata are often an eye-opener for a fantastic and life-lasting music journey. Many of our long-term students, who have been with us for over ten years, started their musical paths during summer sessions and camps. Fermata Students EXCLUSIVE rate: €25 off any Fermata 

Make this summer memorable with Fermata Music School. Our diverse lessons and camps are designed to inspire and nurture your children’s musical talents. Whether continuing their musical journey or just starting, our programs provide the perfect environment for growth and enjoyment. 


The deposit to secure a place for September is due by June 25th. We will issue a relevant invoice in due course. Please note that the unpaid slots will go to the pool of places for students joining Fermata Music next Term. The deposit is €75 per family account.


I congratulate all FERMATA STUDENTS (Rani, Shay, Ze Xi Alex, Oliver, Thivon, Maya Teodora, Ella-May, Lauren, Faith, Aayushi & Venus) who participated in the Summer Examinations with the Royal Irish Academy of Music (www.riam.ie). 

Very Impressive Achievements—our average score for this examination session was 85.6 points out of 100. 

Fermata Crew’s meticulous work made this possible. Well done for spending hours with your students and shaping what was a very successful exam. Our students wouldn’t get where they are without YOU! 

Fermata Parents, thank you for entrusting Fermata Music School and following its mission to deliver a quality music education at Lucan’s doorstep.

We want to encourage the Fermata Students to take IN-PERSON exams “by default”. Let’s face the honest feedback and avoid millions of recordings. One exam – one attempt. We will allow online applications on a very limited basis and assess each in a case-by-case scenario. 

As the RIAM EXAMINATION CENTRE, we must follow specific protocols to prepare for our site’s RIAM examination. We want to notify you that starting September 2024, Music Theory (online) will be mandatory for students attempting the RIAM examination. 

That would be it in the June update; more to follow as we hit closer to July! Don’t forget to secure your Fermata Camp or Summer Lessons space, or if you leap until September, please ensure the deposit is paid by 25th June to hold your place. 

To select your summer activities with Fermata Crew or to BOOK Fermata summer lessons and camps, visit our website: www.fermatamusicschool.ie or contact the school via WhatsApp [Mob: 085 125 75 03] for direct bookings. 

We look forward to making music with you this June and summer! 

Fermata Music School 

Fermata Newsletter – June 2024 (Published 12 June 2024)

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