April Newsletter | Fermata School of Music

Dear Parents & Students

Welcome to the Fermata April Newsletter! 

We couldn’t start with any other news than sharing the great information about one of Fermata’s Violin students – Isabelle Shan. Isabelle proved her fantastic talent and commitment to the violin by winning 126th Feis Ceoil in the U10 Violin category. Well done, and our Congratulations, Isabelle! You made us all very proud at Fermata! 

We include 1 #FermataTeam member (CC), and 9 new exceptional students, awaiting to shape their music skills with one of the #FermataTeam experts. We left some excellent achievements in March, like Music Fundraiser (€5,000) or Silver Medal at Newpark Festival. We have conducted over 1,100 amazing music lessons! How amazing is this?

This month, more excitement is coming with some preparations started for the 1st Parents Workshop. The pilot series of Mini Concerts will launch to give a fantastic opportunity to many Fermata students by performing for each other. 

We are also framing various options for July/August. On top of the SUMMER CAMPS, you will always have a chance for a few lessons during quiet months to ensure you won’t lose the momentum for your Winter Exams and recital. We will also prepare a separate communication regarding SUMMER CAMPS 2022 with the Fermata School of Music.

Please also remember this month, we have an Easter Mid-Term Break from Monday 11-April until Sunday, 24-April. All the regular classes will finish up on Sunday, 10 April. 

Some of the #FermataTeam members will be around to cover up for days missed by the teacher during Terms 2 and 3. Each team member will approach each student/parent directly to organise a suitable date/time. 

From the most important dates this April/May, please note below the EXAM DEADLINES for RIAM (Summer 2022), RSL Awards:

RIAM EXAMS (digital) => Booking Deadline: 27-April |Exams: due by 31-May

RSL AWARDS (digital) => Booking Deadline: 16-May |Exams: due by 10-Jun

We would like to encourage all the parents to keep using the Fermata Parents/Student Portal. This is especially useful for keeping up to date with the school news. You can also record the PRACTICE TIME or access a limited collection of books to avoid extra print-outs in the portal. There are many resources to help with Music Theory or Sight-Reading. 

ACCESS LINK: https://fermatamusicschool.ie/student-parental-portal-login/

Note: If you cannot access the portal, please email us back, so we can send you an email with the password setup. 

Please remember from 21-March, Fermata School of Music offers FREE PRACTICE ROOMS to all students – try the acoustic piano for FREE! Record your exam or practise ahead of competition or recital. Booking is essential.

That is all the essential updates we prepared for you this April, our dear students and parents. We hope you get to this point of your little monthly bulleting and that you have enjoyed reading it. 

We want to hear your feedback! If you have any questions, queries or concerns, please feel free to reach one of the Fermata Team members or drop a quick message. We also like WhatsApp for immediate reach! As always, we ask you to share your feedback with us. This will help to improve your overall experience when with Fermata School of Music.  

Thank you very much for your time, support and commitment. You’re all genuinely being a part of the Fermata School of Music. Let the music grow in you and your children all the time. And, of course, Happy Easter!

Patrycja & Tomasz


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